Puppy Yoga In Essex

We offer Puppy Yoga classes in Thorpe Bay, Essex.

If you love animals and would like to cuddle and play with them for an hour incorporating a half hour beginner yoga class then book your class now.

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Our Furry Friends

We provide a calm and safe atmosphere for our furry companions. Our puppies are free to roam around during the hour to play, sleep and enjoy the attention they receive from humans. Our classes are there to create playtime and socialisation before they go to their forever home.

We have the highest safety standards and you can enjoy our classes knowing that we only work with reputable breeders who have the highest standards of care, we also donate to rescue charities each month.


Our classes are taught by a fully qualified yoga teacher who will teach a half hour calming and relaxing stress-free beginner level Yoga class with mainly floor postures to create a harmonising and safe environment for our furry friends. All levels are welcome and complete novices to Yoga. However, if you would rather spend the hour cuddling and playing with our furry friends then feel free, it's your hour.

Well Being

In an ever increasingly stressful world, it's becoming essential to maintain good mental health. Our classes provide a haven of pure uplifting bliss, interacting with baby animals is extremely heart warming and you will leave us with a big smile on your face. It's also a fun time for our furry companions, who love to play and be cuddled.

Team Building

Puppy Yoga is the perfect team-building experience for businesses or any celebration.

We can arrange to bring an event to your workplace or if you have a celebration we can arrange a private session.

Health & Safety

The age limit for our classes is the age of 14 and above. All our attendees must have agreed to our waiver on the website prior to the session for their safety and the safety of the animals. We provide the puppies and kittens from our reputable breeders knowing they are healthy and ready for socialisation, attendees are not allowed to bring their own pets.

Read more on our Health & Safety - Ethics page.

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